Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Kicked a Rock.

Today I kicked a rock
While surfing 
Without a board.

I was playing
in the waves
Avoiding stingrays
By shuffling my feet.

The rock was sharp
My skin was soft
And the tip of my big toe
Was sliced.

Pain surged
As salt water and sand 
Dug into my nerves.

Like a wounded sea creature
My angry body
Hobbled across the beach.
Wincing. Mumbling. Breathing.

Eyes trying not to look 
At the blood
On my flip-flop.

Tourists smiled.
Joggers pranced.

In my car, 
I honked.

Sometimes yelling
Nasty words
At the knives
Stabbing inside my foot.

Better now.  
   Medicine applied
      Pills popped.
         Ice pack melted.

Going back out tomorrow 
With a board.

Feet won't touch the ground.


  1. :). Love that you made this a poem!

  2. Kinda feeling the silly effects of pain killers. :-)