Sunday, May 5, 2013

Night of a Thousand Stevies!

Downtown Manhattan's legendary spectacles come in all shapes and sizes, but the annual celebration dedicated to Stevie Nicks has a flair like none other.  The event, called Night of a Thousand Stevies (NOTS), celebrated its 23rd birthday on May 3, 2013.

I tagged along with the HoHo's - a duo that has been rocking NOTS since 1999 and I got an inside peek into their shape-shifting interpretation of Stevie's song "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You".  I wrote about the event in my New York Press column:

As you can see, they went over the rainbow for their inspiration. 
The cast of this year's HoHo extravaganza took the show down the yellow brick road.

And the HoHo's(Jill as the Witch and Cathy as Dorothy) were at the center of it all.

From Dorothy and three Munchkins (yes, one of them is pregnant), 

to a gathering of everyone in OZ, this was a slice of white cloud meets yellow brick road mayhem
Cathy Ho's side stage costume brought Stevie to life.
I don't know who this lady was, but she looked cool.
Some of the other performers included Heather Litteer,

 downtown design legend Machine Dazzle,
and dancer Darrell Thorne.


  1. I must make it to a NOTS show one day.

  2. NYC. Next May. Get your tamborine ready.