Friday, January 11, 2013

Downtown's Drama Queen covers NYC Theatre!

I have two profiles currently running in the New York Press culture section.

My alter-ego, the "Drama Queen" covers all things theatre in downtown Manhattan.  She and I have much in common, but where I like minimalism, she prefers spectacle.  She's also a huge fan of complicated costumes, flamboyant wigs, and shmoozing with celebrities in the lobby.  She fully expects to be discovered while walking past production sets scattered throughout the city, and we are both surprised it hasn't happened yet...

My favorite treats include Cool Ranch Doritos, hummus, and red wine, but the Drama Queen is more inclined towards stinky cheese, filet minion, and dirty martinis.

We make a good pair.

Here are the links:

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  1. So great! I want to be in the Drama Queen's entourage!